Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some history of a 1995 Honda Civic EX I know...

Bought used from a dealer in Texas for $15k. Had Eibach springs, Mugen5 exhaust muffler, factory fogs, hyper purple and carbon fiber accents within. 2 months after owning my rice racer I was released of my ownership of the cool fogs and sport muffler. Damn. 100,000 miles down the road and a couple states to the west I poorly manage the oil level and subsequently suffer what most Hondas succumb to from this malpractice: 4th cylinder connecting rod bearing failure. "I spun a bearing."

So I research, research, research, purchase the $30 set of bearings, and gather all the necessary tools. The whole process then took 2 days on and off. Today I could do it in 2 hours, tops. Why? Well upon finishing this the first time I didn't know how to tighten rod caps properly. So 1 mile down the road the cap loosens and before any damage could occur I shut it down and was towed home. Tire it apart and tightened them down tighter. 4 months down the line the tighter proved to still not be tight enough.


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