Friday, July 20, 2012

[SOLVED] Dell Latitude D630 won't turn on from timer or low battery induced sleep.

I have a Dell Latitude D630 notebook computer. I have learned a few tricks with regard to power and power management that have steered me clear of some inherent problems associated with using the sleep capability of this laptop.
Problem:  A low battery action that results in the laptop going into sleep/and or hibernate will not come back out of sleep even if the battery has been left to charge completely.
Additional info: My laptop's power button does not shut off the computer if held down for 8 or longer seconds as most do when you need to shut the computer off manually, such as during a crash, freeze, or BSOD.  I have Win 7 installed.  2.2 GHz Intel Core2Duo.  Intel Graphics.  90W OEM charger/wall adapter. After-market Li-ion replacement battery from China (works great and I spent only $20 shipped.)

Basically, this is the procedure I did to get my laptop to finally come on: 

1.  Laptop plugged into the AC adapter.
2.  Laptop lid open.
3, WIFI catcher set to 'O' (slid back towards rear of laptop) see below.
4. Holding the 'Fn' key with your left thumb slide the WIFI catcher toward the front of the laptop past the '1' (on position) and hold it until you see all 3 LED indicators (NumLock, CAPSLock, ScrollLock) light up for a split second.
5. Still holding the WIFI catcher as far forward as it goes, release the 'Fn' key and with your right hand immediatly press and hold the power button (all before the LED indicators go off) 
6. All of this happens within 1 or 2 seconds.

NOTE:   If your LED lights don't come on do it one more time, mine only lights up on the second time. 

 So basically I hold the 'Fn' key and pull the WIFI catcher once, twice and hold, lights come on, let go of 'Fn' and hit power.

I do use the sleep function and it works very well but to use  and be able to wake back up I do this.  I have the power management set to put the computer to sleep when I close the lid.  When I open the lid, it comes on every time; whether I am running off of mains power or battery.  The problem only happens when I put the computer to sleep through the start menu, the Fn Sleep key, or when the computer goes to sleep from a timer or low batter alarm action.  

Good luck.

Post a reply if this gets your D630 back awake.