Thursday, January 5, 2012

FIXED Sagging Roll-up Sectional Garage Door

My garage door was damaged; in particular the heavy V-bent metal header that keeps the length of the door perpendicular to the ground became anything but straight. The door would roll up fine but as each section became parallel with the ground the weigh of the door would cause it to violently sag in the middle. Enough repeated bending will only lead to a catastrophic failure, and soon. I used lightweight sheet metal construction studs bought from the local hardware depot sunk into the door with self tapping pan head screws.  One at the very top (as a replacement for the very heavy and very bent V header) and one just below the hinges nearest the top most portion of the compromised section. The door is saved, lighter, and working fine a year later.
A neighbor's door was even more damaged than mine and needed extra rigidity which I supplied by laying one metal stud into another, making what looked like a true 4 sided stud instead of only a U shaped piece of metal. Very strong to say the least. Each stud cost about $2 or less for a 10 foot length.


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